A three-course menu (Part II). Spinach and home-made ricotta ravioli with curry carrot sauce

I know it’s taken a while to write the second dish… and dessert is still about to come!!! The thing is, I just came two weeks ago from a few months in Berlin, so the time I’ve spend in searching for a place to live in and a nice restaurant job (hopefully soon) doesn’t leave me with many internet hours to post. But this is about to change soon… so expect some new german recipes with sausages, beer, Kartoffeln Salat (potato salad), my usual peruvian food from any part of the world (I brought a suitcase with all my ingredients of course), breads, and my guess would be new spicy food. Berlin has many Turkish markets and restaurants so new spices and plates I will be trying for sure. And I loveee Turkish food, and Indian, and well, yes, all kinds.

Anyway… back to the Menu and that special lunch with friends that started with the traditional peruvian Causa Limeña. So, now that I’ve told you how to make home-made ricotta cheese it’s time for a recipe with it right? This is what I prepared: spinach and ricotta ravioli with pine nuts and raisins with a curry-carrot sauce. Absolutely delicious. Let’s get to it, goes dedicated to all the Dad’s today on Father’s Day. Specially to mine, that is the best Dad in the whole world.

This sauce can also be served as a curry carrot soup, the only thing you have to change is to add some cream and maybe more water, some croutons for serving and set. Very light and delicious starter.

Ravioles de Espinaca. Spinach Raviolis.


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