Home-made soy milk

The other day I found soybeans in an ecological market, bought them and decided to prepare home-made soy milk. I had seen already that it was not complicated, and in fact it isn’t. The steps to follow are basically 6: soak the soy beans, squeeze them a bit and take away some of the skins, warm-up, blend, boil and strain.

The soybean paste left from the process is called Okara or Biji and it is used a lot in vegetarian cooking as a meat suplemment since it has a lot of protein and fibre.


Okara or Biji

The next step is making my own Tofu. I have to go and buy the nigiri (coagulant) and maybe see if I can get a mould and in the next days I’m going ot make! But for now, home-made soy milk recipe.

I already made myself a strawberry smoothie for breakfast, delicious!! I hope you feel encouraged to do it, it is a lot of fun and one of the best rewards it that it has no preservants or anything, it’s fresh home-made milk 🙂


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