Soba noodle soup with shiitake mushrooms and latin “tofu”

Do you know why in Egypt and countries where it is really really hot people are used to having hot tea instead of ice-cream? Because if we drink something hot our body temperature is closest to the outside temperature and, therefore, we feel less hot. If we have ice-creams what happens is that our body temperature lowers, we feel more the outside temperature, therefore, feeling hotter. Physiologically speaking that’s how it works. Now, it’s clear that the first thing we think about when we are feeling hot is ice-cream or cold coke, and when we feel cold we feel like having a really nice hot soup right?

I am one of those who thinks both things saciate us. One has a short-term effect and the other one regulates us on a longer term. That’s why soups are perfect for the whole year! When it’s cold they heat us up, when it’s hot they also have a positive effect on our body. And, well, yes I must confess my family is addicted to soup, the whole year we have soups.

This delicious and exquisite soup with soba noodles, shiitake mushrooms and latin “tofu” (which is latin fresh cheese that does not melt) is for all seasons. For Peruvians right now that want to feel warmer now that it’s winter, for Spanish that are having a very hot Summer and for Germans that between rainy days and sunny days, well, it’s always welcomed. And for everyone else of course!!!

Now the easy part comes. I think this recipe has a bit more difficulty in finding all the ingredients (even though now we can find japanese stores everywhere!) than in preparing it, it’s really amazingly easy to make and very tasty.


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