German Potato Salad

First of all, I want to thank GastronomíaYCia for giving my Panettone the first prize in the Christmas Recipe contest they made. I won an amazing printer and dinner for two in an international food restaurant of my choice. So I’m so very happy with my super prize! I also just recently came from an amazing trip to India and Nepal, had the opportunity to attend a wonderful fairy tale wedding in Mombai (Vargas Llosa wrote and article about it in his last column) and spent a lot of time with my beautiful family. So I am abolutely recharged and willing to accomplish many things this 2012!

This recipe actually is from 2011, from the latest Christmas, which I spent with my family in Berlin. So, given the circumstances this German Potato Salad could not miss this year. I’ve been cooking it for many years now, this recipe though has new important ingredients such as broth and the juice from the bacon.

Adding the vinegar while still warm not only keeps the potatoes firm but enrichens the flavour, as does the broth and bacon juice. It is a simple salad, delicious to eat with nothing more, with a grilled fish, with sausages, with turkey, etc…. and it is also very simple to make! So here you go, the step by step recipe.



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