Home-made hamburguers

Last year I bought the KitchenAid and with some of alll the accesories it has, I bought also the meat-food-grinder. It’s big premiere was the way it had to be: with the best-quality meat in order to make the best home-made hamburguers. If you want to keep on with this home-made fever I strongly recommend you should also bake these delicious hamburguer breads that I baked a few days ago in Berlin. Soon I’ll be making my own ketchup and barbecue sauce, and if you have any more things you’d like me to make, just write me!! Waiting for all your comments 🙂

We made these hamburguers with mushrooms and sauteed onions, melted cheese and the classic tomato-lettuce and sauces. Enjoy them with a cold coke, french fries and a movie!!

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