Starter: a traditional peruvian ‘Causa Limeña’.

Last Sunday came friends at home for lunch. My aunt was also visiting Madrid and it had been a while since I didn’t invite many friends over. I was eager to cooking all day long. So I prepared a three-course menu with a starter, a second plate and dessert. The starter was this ‘Causa Limeña’, a very traditional peruvian dish. I bought a very good quality tuna I was wanting to try a while ago from El Teso (and I have to tell you I highly recommend it, delicious tuna).

For the ones who haven’t tried it yet and don’t know what it is: imagine a cold lasagna made of potato puree (with lemon and chilli) filled with whatever you like. In Perú we make it of chicken, octopus, tuna, crab, asparagus, whatever you like!! Be creative!!! Perfect for summer time, do it on a Monday and to the fridge. You’ve made yourself an excellent afternoon ‘snack’ for children after school, surprise for friends, light lunch. I love it. I am in love with my peruvian Causa. Let’s start with the menu then.

I have to thank infinitely to Sandra Gajate Benavides for the beautiful pictures she took 🙂

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