Spanish tortilla de patatas

So, I realize it’s time for me to share this recipe with you. I learned how to make tortilla de patatas not in Spain, but in the states, almost 10 years ago, where I met y friend Juanjo who taught me how to do it. By then, I didn’t even got why he had such a big amount of olive oil. Now of course, I get it completely and I follow his steps. Anyway here it goes, eaaasy and delicious. I’m also gonna tip you which is for me the best place to eat it in Madrid, and that’s at Jose Luis, it’s fantastic.

Important: the potatoes are cooked slowly in oil at low temperature. They are neither fried or cooked first in water, or anything like that. Patience always adds flavour!!


Clovis, that also makes a real good one by the way, ate this one with me in Berlin for lunch and a series 🙂

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