Typical Spanish croquetas: spinach and mushrooms

This recipe I’ve been owing to my friend Alfonso from the blog Recetas de Rechupete!! I finallyyyy made them. It’s funny how I started to cook much more peruvian food when I wen to live to Madrid, and now that I’m in Berlin, well, of courseee I miss some Spanish food 🙂 So, my friend Ana came to visit and brought typical jamón serrano, chorizo, lomo. My roomate Clovis also loves cooking and making thematic dinners, so he prepared the delicious Tortilla (delicious) and I made some tostas with my rye home-made bread and this croquetas. It has some delicacy but it’s not hard, you just have to put energy to it!! This time, not so many pictures of them, they ate them so fast, they would not let me!! Imagine how good they were 🙂

They were delicious!! I leave you also the pictures from Clovis’ tortilla and some of the spanish things we had. Soon the delicious tosta!!


Clovis’ delicious tortilla de patatas:



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