Revolutionary Pesto

I had the chance to visit La Habana over three months ago with my family. A trip that had as a main objective to feel Cuba and the cubans, and we were so lucky that we managed to share many moments of our trip with a couple of 100% Cubas that have a special and huge strength and desire for Cuba to change and for the freedom of speech. Because in a country where the word ‘progress’ is synonym of ‘illegality’ is in need for a revolution and change.

And that’s what today’s recipe is about. It goes to everyone of us that are tired of being fooled and lied to. What is happening now in Madrid and has extended to Spain, Europe and the rest of the world is what Cubans will live some day in their own Plaza del Mar.

It’s time to ask for change, and it’s time for things TO change. I hope this movement will prevail and I hope it can reach my country Perú. We have recently lived through a terrible electoral scene, repeated and shameful that does not unite us, in the contrary they grow us peruvians apart. And this is inconceivable. We must unite on the same fight and not fight against each other. Ignorance of calling ignorant to the ones that are ignored has to stop. Because the are the ones that had and have the biggest right to ask for a change and to not want to be ok with a government that does not take them into account.

Today I leave you with this Pesto Habanero that we ate at these two friends house in Cuba. Pesto that is born from a generation that does not want to be conformist. Pesto that represents this revolution and begining of change.

And now to the talking, discussing, sharing opinions and writing proposals.

The pictures are analogic. I’ve always thought there is no pixel worth real colours. Thank you to my brother Nicolás!! You can see more pictures of my trip to Cuba in my flickr



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