Banana and coconut ice-cream bonbons.

Finally!! The time has arrive for dessert-lovers. This time I decided to do ice-cream Bon Bons because they remind me of my childhood in Lima at the beach during summer times. Since I hade very soft bananas, vanilla (from Magadascar by the way) and coconut… well, I did banana-coconut ic-cream.

So… the method I used with a traditional ice-mold was a little complicated when taking the Bon Bons out of the mold. Some of the couverture chocolate brok :$ . However, I later saw that either with a silicone ice-mol or dipping the ice-cream into the chocolat you will get a less “rustic” result. You can try either method. My friend Sandra, for example, told me she liked them best in a less “perfect state”.


So, I’ve seen that another way of making them is to: once you’ve got the ice-cream, make some small balls and freeze again. Then take out and very fast dip them into the chocolate and back to the freezer again. I’ll try this next time and let you know!!

How where they? Perfect.


So, to serve I placed a quenelle of chocolate ice-cream, three Bon Bons over the top and some mint leaves for decoration. Dessert for angels…they are so beautiful!




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