Lucuma cheesecake

…y así Kon-Iraya, el hombre huaca, le extiende su semilla a la bella Cavillaca. Semilla moldeada por el crepúsculo, luz de color de un sol que se oculta, color indecible, rojizo, color de fuego lento, amarillento, con tintes de oro y matices de luna…


Lucuma: Fruit of love and fertility and of the hidden beauty…

This recipe will bring smiles to all the fans of My Lúcuma Dessert, that I have been cooking for many for their birthdays and special occasions. All my peruvian friends who have become my “abroad-family” enjoy this taste because it transports us back to our roots, to where this amazing fruit comes from: Perú. And people who have never taste it!! I love their face of surprise and not knowing what it is but knowing they just fell in love in one minute. It is very special, and thank god the fruit is dry and when I bring it with me to Europe in a “flour state”, the taste remains much much like the same.

So! This dessert is very easy and simple. I am in debt with many friends because I stopped preparing it every birthday, so now they have the recipe and I know they’d rather have me cook it but well, this is also a present for them (and it leaves me time to make other desserts!). Happy birthday to all! And welcome Monitouille’s first dessert. The best one.

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