Crêpe Gâteau

What to do with a basket full of plums nobody is eating?

A tart was my first thought. So, I went on and started to read Julia Child and research a bit on what I could do with the plums. And I adventured myself (I’m more of a salty cook than sweet), and went on into complicating myself more and more… because from a tart, I changed into plum compote, crème pâtissèrie and ended up with a crêpe gâteau with plum-crême pâtisserie and almonds. Flambeed on the top with sugar and orange juice. I must say, it was sooo much worth it. Amazingly french, amazingly tasty. Now it is my duty to tell you how to make it.

1. We start with the Plum ‘Cardinal’ (Compote of fresh plums)

Curious fact: plums are really good season fruits because they mature very slowly once they are taken out of the tree, and when they start to mature they generate a lot of taste and aroma. So, before thinking they are not good because they’ve been for a while in your kitchen, you must know they are really tasty and ready for you to make an amazing dessert with them.

Just to let you know, If you eat them like this with some ice-cream they are amazing!




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