Spiced chocolate crêpe gateau

My first crêpe-cake was a huge experience, specially because it came out without thinking it so much. I started with the plums, and ended up making plum-crême pâtissière, and filled the cake with it, and some almonds 🙂 This time, again, against all odds I decided to make it again. This time 100% chocolate, and spices.

The ocassion couldn’t have been better: my close friend Evita invited me to Becerril de la Sierra, a beautiful place outside Madrid, for lunch with her husband and her two beautiful daughters. And if you want to win the children and conquer the adults, I think no-one does that job better than chocolate. On the bus ride, everyone looking at me, or well, the dessert, because to be honest (you can judge by the picture!) it turned out perfectly beautiful and delicious!!

The recipe has a really nice spice touch, that goes so nicely with the chocolate: the crêpes have some Cointreau, clove and cinnamon and the chocolate mousse is made with a fresh ginger-infusioned milk and orange zest. Exquisit. The inspiration came from FOOD52.


It requires time and organization, but if you have an afternoon off and guests or you are a guest for next day, believe me when I say you’ll have everyone in love with you by the first bite. The crêpes with the mousse make and elegant and fun dessert.

Ok!! Let’s go to the step by step recipe.


Thanks to Evita and Fer for a lovely day!!! I leave you with some pictures from  their daughters!


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