Pardo’s Turkey


That’s the beggining of this post, yes, I start talking about our peruvian delicious “pollo a la brasa”. Now let’s talk about the grand opening of my brother’s new apartment with a 12 kg turkey whose flavour reminded me to  our pollo a la Brasa.

Since the location was Pardo street, where the first Pardo’s chicken was created (famous restaurant of pollo a la brasa) we decided to baptize this post as Pardo’s Turkey, AND concluded that opening a Pavos (turkey) a la brasa is extremely necessary! For now though, try this recipe at home. Gourmet. Delicious. Juicy. What else can I say?

I highly recommend you to look at El Pavo es el Rey part 2 and 3, with delicious recipes to use the turkey’s leftovers in a sooup or delicious sandwich, from Teresita.

That’s how my family and me inagurated my brother’s new apartment! Memorable night!

These are some recommended side-dishes:

– Mixed lettuces, pears, gorgonzola and nuts salad.

– Apple purée.
– White rice cooked with some garlic, turkey sauce and the half orange left from the turkey.

All right! Let’s go to the recipe!

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