Lomo Saltado

Ok, I’m back I promise!!! I’m a living change so it’s difficult to keep with everything… but one thing I’m telling you for sure: I wouldn’t change my Peruvian Lomo Saltado for anything in the world!

So… we are close to our Independence Day, 28 de Julio, where us peruvians all over the world celebrate by eating and drinking peruvian food. And of course all peruvians in Perú… which I envy because they get to travel as well since it is holidays! Anyway, I thought about this post before time so you can do it for our special day 28 de Julio or any day you like. It was also the chosen one in my facebook fan page as the next recipe I should post, so timing is perfect. Let me warn you, people are always impressed and want more than more. I prepared it to some friends in Berlin and they enjoyed it very much!

Peruvian Lomo Saltado is a very typical ‘comida criolla’ dish. Some people say it has the Chinese influence (called Chifa) since it is prepared in a wok and the cut of the ingredients is like a typical chinese sautée. It is an easy plate, just make sure you have the rice and fries ready, then it’s all about cutting the ingredients and 10 to 15 minutes in the wok. The meat should be tender. The best quality always makes the best taste, since it is the main ingredient. However if you are cooking for many and don’t want to spend so much money there are many good meats and not so expensive. Be sure it has no nerves and it remains tender when cooked.

Viva el Perú! Have a Pisco Sour and enjoy the evening 🙂

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