Peruvian Humitas

This post goes is dedicated to my Mom for Mother’s Day and to every other Mom as well.

When I was in Lima a couple of months ago, my Mom and I got together to cook. She’s always been a great cook and I’ve learned many tricks and recipes from her. My Mom says that the passion for cooking that I have, I’ve inherited from my great-grandmother (her grandmother). That’s why that day we cooked Mamitas’ Ester great Humitas.

I promised my Mom that I wouldn’t tell the secret ingredient of this recipe, so you’ll see listed in ingredients a “secret touch“. Let me tell you though that you can play with the Humitas all the time. You can add raisins and more sugar and they’ll be more for dessert, some cilantro and chili and they’ll be more ‘criollas’, other flours, another corn, both, purple corn, plenty of ideas. Imagine the “secret ingredient” as an “imagination ingredient” where you can add whatever you like to make a different recipe.

So today this goes to my mother with love and hoping she’ll have a great Mother’s Day with my two brothers and family. I hope that next time we meet we cook again. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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